Commodities Pricing

Andersen’s Sales & Salvage, Inc. Greeley, CO

Prices are subject to change without notice or guarantee. Effective: 5/6/2023

  CommodityPrice per PoundPrice per Ton
Shreddable Unprepared, Tin, Appliances$0.100$200
Tanks, Separators, & Uncut Pipe (10’ or longer)$0.040$80
Heavy Torch Steel, fork lifts, bulldozer$0.040$80
2” or Larger Heavy Torch  $0.020$40
Cable (longer than 4 ft.)$0.010$20
Car Bodies – 2008 & newer – Complete$0.140$280
Car Bodies – 2007 & older Complete$0.125$250
Car Bodies – incomplete, Stripped/Stuffed any year$0.100$200

All products are subject to grading upon delivery.  Current Valid US Gov’t-issued Photo ID may be required for payment.

There is a tire deduction for all tires on incomplete vehicles, semi-trucks, and farm equipment.

Complete cars will have: original catalytic converter in place, battery, 4 tires & original rims (no donuts), all glass, lights, engine, transmission, radiator, and electrical wiring – there will be no tire deduction on complete vehicles.

For incomplete vehicles, there is a deduction for all tires, plus a deduction if the gas tank does not have two 1” holes punched in it.

We deduct for dirt, trash, concrete, tires, and water on ALL scrap loads.

We do not take tires without wheels.                                                                                 

We do not accept gasoline, oil, paint, or any hazardous material as stand-alone products.

We do not accept mobile homes or fiberglass boat hulls.

Grading must be completed before load is weighed.

Please call with any questions about commodity clarification. Commodities will be graded and classed at the time of purchase.

CommodityPrice per Pound
Clean Aluminum  $0.35
Dirty Aluminum  $0.18
Dirty Aluminum Wire  $0.28
Copper & Aluminum radiators/condensers$0.69 – clean
$0.45 – dirty
Transmissions  $0.12
Aluminum Radiators$0.30 – clean
$0.20 – dirty
Aluminum Cans$0.50 – under 100 lbs.
$0.55 – over 100 lbs.
No. 1 Copper – bare  $2.62
No. 2 Copper – bare  $2.30
Burnt Copper  $1.00
Copper Radiators$1.34 – clean
$0.80 – dirty
Insulated Copper$0.01 – $1.90
Subject to Grading
Semi Red Brass  $1.89
Yellow Brass  $1.65
Clean Yellow Brass Shells$1.70
Dirty Brass  $0.50
Lead  $0.38
Wheel Weight Lead  $0.06
Pot Metal  $0.08
Stainless Steel  $0.30
Electric Motors – Copper Bearing$0.12
Standard Automotive Lead/Acid Batteries$0.13/lb

Now in partnership with the City of Greeley we are recycling Glass! We are recycling beer, wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic glass bottles, food glass jars, and other drinking glasses. Click here for more information!