Selling Non-Ferrous Materials




1490 E. 8th St. Greeley, CO 80631

Phone Number: 970-352-7797

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Sales of any of the items listed below EXCEPT pop cans require a CURRENT VALID US GOVERNMENT-ISSUED PHOTO ID.

Commodities that do not stick to a magnet are considered non-ferrous.

Copper, brass, lead, electric motors, stainless steel, lead/acid batteries, catalytic converters, and pop can sales begin in the Warehouse:


You will get to the Warehouse by crossing the East Scales -- wait for instruction from an Andersen's employee before entering the Warehouse


You are responsible for unloading your materials, which will then be weighed on a scale


Take the ticket from the Warehouse to the Main Office to be validated for cash or check


If you wish to receive cash (up to $2000), you will then go the the EZ Cash Machine in the parking lot. Anything quantity over $2000 will be written as a check; any quantity under $100 will be issued as cash.


Please call or e-mail with any further questions.

Phone: 970-352-7797