Selling Vehicles




1490 E. 8th St. Greeley, CO 80631

Phone Number: 970-352-7797

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Sales of vehicles require a CURRENT VALID US GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID. A Title or State of Colorado Bill of Sale is required for the sale of a vehicle. If you do not have an official State of Colorado Bill of Sale, one will be filled out for you. For cars less than 10 years old the signed title will be required.

Vehicle sales begin on the West Scales by obtaining a gross weight of your vehicle


The vehicle will be taken down to the Drain Shop where a loader operator will give you further instructions.


If you towed in the vehicle, an exit weight of the towing vehicle will be required.

Go to the Main Office where your ticket will be waiting to be validated for cash or check


If you wish to receive cash (up to $2000), you will then go the the EZ Cash Machine in the parking lot Anything quantity over $2000 will be written as a check; any quantity under $100 will be issued as cash.


Please call or e-mail with any further questions.

Phone: 970-352-7797